• Prayer
  • praying with true faith

    Has there ever been a time you have prayed for something big and God hasn’t answered the way you had hoped? Whether it’s for a financial miracle, healing, that a loved one will live, a different job situation, or the blessing of a child, I’m certain we’ve all faced an “I just don’t understand” situation. […]

  • fathers
  • Happy Fathers’ Day to the REAL Dads!

    Have you noticed how many TV shows and commercials portray dads as complete buffoons? If you take the time to watch and notice, it becomes apparent very quickly that in the mainstream media, fathers are not usually portrayed favorably. I mean, sure, in most shows dads love their kids, but if you look closely, they […]

  • trusting God
  • When Mother’s Day Hurts

    My first Mother’s Day was completely heartbreaking. I had just lost my son, Gabriel, to stillbirth at 37 weeks. His due date was Saturday, May 10th. Mother’s Day was Sunday, the 11th. He had died three weeks earlier, and I was completely devastated. I could barely go anywhere in public because my heart couldn’t handle […]

  • Priorities
  • prune. revive. repeat.

    Do you love Spring as much as I do? I love living in North Carolina with its four distinct seasons. Just when you are tired of the last one, God sends you something new. Snow and sledding are fun, but when the air becomes warmer, the trees start blooming, and everything green starts coming back […]

  • trusting God
  • His Way

    The stark difference between Palm Sunday and Good Friday is jarring. As Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem that Sunday, He was everyone’s hero. The disciples went and did as Jesus had directed them. They brought the donkey and the colt and put on them their cloaks, and he sat on them. Most of […]

  • in the valley
  • remain confident of this

    lake trees mountains

    My husband and I have a somewhat crazy, often sad story. Here is the really really short version – Our first child was stillborn at 37 weeks. Our second child was born with a devastating, often fatal skin disorder for which there is no cure. Our third child was adopted through foster care. It took […]

  • Marriage
  • timeless marriage advice (from 1886!)

    This marriage advice was written by an author named Jane Wells back in 1886. These nuggets of wisdom are timeless, and still so applicable today.   Let your love be stronger than your hate or anger. Anybody who tells you you won’t feel some hate or anger toward your spouse sometime in your marriage is […]