• Priorities
  • prune. revive. repeat.

    Do you love Spring as much as I do? I love living in North Carolina with its four distinct seasons. Just when you are tired of the last one, God sends you something new. Snow and sledding are fun, but when the air becomes warmer, the trees start blooming, and everything green starts coming back […]

  • Gratitude
  • the power of a grateful heart

    woman praying

    I have a friend who posted this on Facebook yesterday – “My daughter asked me yesterday, ‘Why is it called Black Friday if people celebrate it on Thursday?’” This was just a 5 year old asking a question that made us all giggle, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more it’s had me […]

  • Priorities
  • the one thing, the good portion

    I have always been struck by the story of Jesus visiting the home of Mary and Martha (if you don’t know it, take a look at Luke 10:38-42). Although Mary is the “right” one in the account, I have always had a special place in my heart for Martha. She’s Type A, a planner, a […]