Trinity Christian Counseing can transform you into the Christian, and the person, that you want to be

Trinity Christian Counseling uses the Bible and Christ centered wisdom to bring hope and healing to our clients by helping them get to a place of peace, balance, and spiritual renewal.

Christian counseling differs from traditional secular counseling, as it focuses on on the care of the whole person (body, soul, and spirit) and maintains the values taught in the Bible. The aim of Christian Counseling is to help people regain a sense of hope for their life that is found in Jesus Christ.

Christian counseling uses the science of psychological counseling, while keeping God and biblical truths in the picture. Psychological practices alone are not used as the absolute answer or solution to problems that people face, rather it is used in unity with Christianity to help people have a deeper understanding of themselves and God.

We offer family counseling for parents, children, blended families, as well as couples / marriage counseling.

Christian family counseling

Through our approach we use theories and techniques from several models of intervention, rather than simply relying on one, and we also incorporate a Biblical approach to problem solving. This means we view client complexities through the lens of the Bible and the Christian faith.

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